Commerical & Residential Concrete Services

Imagine driving from hole to hole on a golf course without a path, or parking in a garage that was made of dirt, or living in a house with no concrete holding up the foundation. All of these are important uses for concrete and the difference between having them and not is significant. It’s pretty obvious that concrete has been a large part in the development of architecture and construction.

Not only is concrete essential for the structure of a building, it’s more aesthetically pleasing to the eye. That is extremely important for businesses as well as residential properties because you only get one chance at a first impression.

Decorative concrete also makes a big impact. Gardens wouldn’t have the same effect without the decorative concrete showcasing the beauty of the plant life. Hanging out on the back patio made of dirt would also be rather displeasing to the eye, not to mention, less functional.

Projects such as parking lots and driveways require you to make a choice between concrete and asphalt. Although the initial investment with concrete may be a little more, the benefits are far greater. Concrete lasts longer and is virtually maintenance free. Concrete stays smoother and is not at risk for potholes like asphalt. The environmental impact of concrete is also a lot less than asphalt that uses petroleum products and reflects heat. Probably one of the main reasons concrete is chosen over asphalt is that it is more aesthetically pleasing.

SmithCon so confident in our abilities and to prove it, we provide a one year warranty on all materials and workmanship. You get a beautiful project and piece of mind.

Residential & Commercial Concrete Pouring